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This Forum is made that people can see what the council talks about and what they decide. You can post suggestions and opinions as well there.

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Council TalkTopicsPostsLast updated

General Council Talk(members only)

Here the council will talk about the general stuff.

Open for all Members.
over a year ago
by Kink

Suggestions/Opinions(members only)

DW members can tell the council suggestions and their opinions.

Open for all Members.
over a year ago
by DragonCole

War TalkTopicsPostsLast updated

Council War Talk(moderators only)

Council talks here about war and other clans.

Is just for Council because other clans would be able to read that stuff too easy.

Raid Reports(members only)

Feel free to post Raid Reports here.

Open for all Members
over a year ago
by taol

DW Clock

Council Talk

by Kink over a year ago
by DragonCole over a year ago
by Cattnip over a year ago
by Lily over a year ago
Clan Meeting

The Clan meets weekly on Saturday 5pm London Time. We are going to do raids against other clans, or we just host a tournament. Just come to base and enjoy time with DW!

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