These are the virtues that bind us to make a very happy family,  hurt anyone of our family then be prepared for hell's gates to open. That is the way of Dark Warriors.




  • Respect all DW members, higher and lower ranks. 
  • Be Friendly.
  • Recruit it helps keep our clan alive.
  • Don't use foul language in base.
  • Don't interfere 1 vs 1 fights, give the combatants room to fight.
  • Don't run in fights, fight like a good fighter should.
  • Don't trash talk our enemies.
  • At the end of each fight say gf it shows respect for your opponents.
  • Don't attack ally clans.
  • Don't lead raids with out proper authority, only WarLord/WarLady or higher may call raids.
  • Defend our base with Ferocity, Call allies for help if need be.
  • Never lead a raid with less than 6 EA's  DW members, the enemy will never clear 6 EA's at the same time.
  • Help fellow DW members where you can it benefits our clan.
  • Its not allowed to multi clan.
  • Last but least always have fun!
  • If any DW quit during the open war, will get demoted to PVT  if thought of rejoining.
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Raid Rules



Fight Together Win Together



  • Listen to the leader if he/she got a plan. Do not raid without a plan.
  • Make a line or circle before u raid. (Organized army make the enemy scared.
  • Fight only the enemy, if u see people with different color don´t attack them.
  • Never run or hack in wars.
  • If our enemy run in wars, that means we are strong and make them run. But in this case ignore the runners because its not fair and we may lose, always ignore runners.
  • Ignore the hackers. Just fight a fair fight. You will notice hackers health not moving or it is very low and they won´t die.
  • Don´t die easily. Block lots in wars and if your opponent is behind you stand back while he/she is blocking. Don´t Move when they attacking.
  • Learn from the leaders. You may call raids one day.
 Raid Tips
  1. Never run forward! Never run when hp low to reheal! when more than 1 attacking you step back a little bit not much while blocking, attack then step bk again....and block alot to reheal specially when hp low
  2. Attack in groups, you have numbers use them. Don't let the enemy diseave you.
  3. Don't complain, for complaining leads to anger, anger leads to weakness, weakness leads to failure.
  4. Let the enemy taunt you, let them use hatred, by doing so they weaken them-selfs, while you can be stronger.
  5. Use defence, don't worry about name calling (blocker), they are basicly complaining that your not letting them kill you (or kill you easily).
  6. Don't yell at the enemy for running, the only reason they are running is because they fear you, they're afraid to die.
  7. Always stay calm, otherwise you become aggresive or aggitated leading to mistakes.


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